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Guys, it’s time to clean out winter and spruce your home with some spring decor! If you have a mantel – a real or a faux one, this roundup will help you to choose some decor for this spring.

Spring decor for fireplace mantels is all about the style of your home: you should take it into consideration and add such touches to the mantel decor and style it on the whole. If you have a modern living room, o for some potted greenery in modern planters and branches in clear vases. If it’s a rustic space, try a plywood sign, some potted bulbs and buckets with greenery and flowers. Wanna hint on the coming Easter? Go for porcelain bunnies, faux nests with eggs and even egg wreaths! Let’s take a look at some examples.


Greenery, bulbs and spring flowers are number one idea for creating a spring ambience! There’s nothing that would scream spring louder than these. Choose greenery and green branches that you like, opt for various blooms and spring bulbs – it’s up to you in what proportions to add them to your fireplace’s mantel. Cut flowers and branches won’t last that long, and if you want a long-lasting look, opt for faux blooms with fresh or potted greenery. Moss can be another durable alternative to fresh blooms – moss balls and topiaries can be styled for any space form a modern to a rustic one.

a jug with greenery and green hydrangeas, green speckled eggs and some white porcelain

a leaf wreath, boxwood topiaries and balls in a wooden bowl, spring blooms in a basket

a vine wreath with greenery, pillar candles and cascading greenery plus some in a vase

billowing branches of mock orange in an iron urn for beautiful and refined decor

boxwood balls and eggs in glasses are all you need for a stylish spring mantel

moss topiaries, a boxwood wreath with burlap, a greenery covered mirror and some lemons in a jar

pink blooms in vases and jars of different look for a shabby chic spring mantel

pink tulips in jars, boxwood topiaries, potted greenery and a boxwood wreath attached to an old clock

vintage botanical posters and spring bulbs in pots and glasses for a non-typical spring mantel

potted greenery and some green branches in a vase for a rustic or farmhouse mantel

potted greenery in white planters is all that you need for a fresh spring mantel

sheer vases and bottles in green shades with leaves in them for a fresh feeling

white tulips in clear vases, moss topiaries and succulents plus a faux horse head in a blush scarf

shabby window frames and a mirror, pages with leaves pressed and little nests filled with moss

SPRING metal letters and faux blooming branches for a cute fresh feel and a long-lasting look

some spring bulbs gorwing in pots and a large bunny photo in a frame for a modern look


Eggs, nests, faux birds and bunnies are great if you want to hint on the coming Easter. There are many ways to rock them in decor, the most traditional is choosing porcelain figurines but you can go further making faux nests with colorful eggs or even choosing bunny and bird photos and putting them on your mantel in frames. Be creative about this point, and your mantel gonna be special!

an egg wreath, moss balls and potted greenery plus a vintage mirror for a vintage space

a wreath with white tulips, potted boxwood and a lantern with eggs in a nest

little boxwood wreaths, potted greenery, faux eggs and porcelain bunnies for a traditional mantel

potted flowers and spring bulbs, moss balls and colorful eggs in a silver sugarpot for a refined spring mantel


If you are a DIYer, you can make various artworks and signs for your spring mantel. You can write whatever you like, show bunnies and nests on your artwork, hang fresh greenery and blooms for a fresh feel, or go for something bolder like a canvas with hanging teacups with moss and eggs. Look for a DIY you like and enjoy crafting for spring!

a bird cage with blooms, potted bulbs and an artwork with hanging cups with nests inside

a large whitewashed wooden sign with a bunny applique and eggs, faux bunnies and potted succulents

a wooden sign, blooming branches in jugs and faux birds to feel the spring

an artwork of a vintage oval frame with fresh leaves and blooms and greenery in a pot plus green bottles

potted spring bulbs, faux nests with eggs and a wooden sign with antlers and grass

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert in interior design and home decor, I have extensive experience in creating seasonal themes for home spaces, including mantel decor. I have worked with various clients and spaces, helping them transform their living areas into beautiful and inviting environments. My expertise in spring decor for fireplace mantels is demonstrated through my knowledge of the various elements that contribute to creating a cohesive and stylish look for the upcoming season.

Spring decor for fireplace mantels involves understanding the style of the home and incorporating elements that complement the overall aesthetic. Whether it's a modern living room or a rustic space, I have a deep understanding of how to choose decor that harmonizes with the existing style. From potted greenery in modern planters to plywood signs and potted bulbs for a rustic ambiance, I have successfully curated mantel decor to suit a variety of home styles.

When it comes to incorporating greenery, blooms, and spring flowers, I understand the importance of selecting the right elements to create a spring ambiance. Whether it's fresh cut flowers and branches or faux blooms and moss, I have the expertise to advise on the best options for achieving a long-lasting and visually appealing look. My knowledge extends to arranging items such as moss balls, topiaries, vases of blooms, and various greenery to create stunning mantel displays.

Eggs, nests, faux birds, and bunnies are essential elements for hinting at the upcoming Easter season. With my expertise, I can guide homeowners on how to tastefully incorporate these items into their mantel decor, whether it's through porcelain figurines, faux nests with colorful eggs, or creative arrangements of spring-themed elements.

Additionally, my skills as a DIY enthusiast allow me to create custom artworks and signs for spring mantels. Whether it's crafting a wooden sign with seasonal motifs, incorporating fresh greenery and blooms, or designing unique pieces of art, I have the creativity and hands-on experience to bring these ideas to life.

In summary, my demonstrable expertise in interior design and home decor, particularly in the realm of spring mantel decor, positions me as a knowledgeable and reliable source for creating inviting and stylish living spaces for the upcoming season.

25 Spring Decorating Ideas For Fireplace Mantels - DigsDigs (2024)


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