34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (2024)

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (1)

I don’t know about you, but lately, it seems like everyone and their mother wants to move into an apartment that used to be an old piano factory or doesn’t have a full kitchen, or better yet, the bathroom and kitchen are in the same room!

This is because industrial-style design ideas are super in style right now. People are drawn to the raw materials that are used, the exposed foundation of the building, and the overall cool appearance and rugged vibe that these spaces bring.

What’s particularly special about styling an industrial living room is that they can very easily be warmed up by proper lighting, comfy furniture, and so much more. We’ve created this amazing gallery of 34 different living rooms to help you out with your industrial design projects. Get ready, there are some serious doozies in here! (Doozy is a good thing, in case you didn’t know).

1. Gorgeous Cement Room isn’t Cool, it’s Cozy

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (2)

This is such a special industrial living room to start out this fantastic gallery with. The super-high ceilings are made even higher by ensuring that there are floor-to-ceiling windows to match. We get an unexpected dash of warmth to find warm-colored exposed wooden beams at the ceiling.

I personally love the clustered furniture in front of the super modern fireplace and flat-screen TV; it brings an intimacy that almost a reading nook can provide. What could be perceived as being a cooler-themed space is really brought to the organic once you look to your right and see the beautiful greenery of the backyard.

It must be quite dramatic to look to one side of your home and see beige, and to the other and see nothing but green (depending on the season, of course). If you’re curious to see the rest of the industrial interior design of this beautiful home, click here. These photos are courtesy of Redfin.

2. Solarium or Living Room?

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (3)

It’s really incredible what plants can do to a space. Adding those huge and healthy ferns makes it seem like your own personal conservatory – and of course, those giant and gorgeous windows leading to the balcony space help, too.

What makes this space industrial are the cool gray tiles, the wrought iron staircase rail, and the really beautiful exposed metal beams on the ceiling. Of course, we can’t forget about the exposed brick wall in the back, either.

This space demands a conversation. There’s no television to distract you, just four comfortable chairs facing one another. We have a wonderful gas fireplace to keep you cozy and a lovely rug to help bring the warmth to a whole other level. Click right here to check out the rest of the home, courtesy of Redfin.

3. Eclectic, Rustic, and Comfort All Rolled Into One Room

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (4)

This is an incredibly extravagant room. High ceilings with a huge light fixture bring a certain level of drama to the space, while the exposed brick and huge area rugs make you feel super cozy amidst all of the open space.

These huge paneled windows bring another added element of breath and colossal space, while the fire on the opposite side of the room brings you back to the nook. I love how all of the furniture pieces don’t really match. To me, the intention behind this was to turn a truly grand room into a more casual living room situation.

The incorporation of color in the furniture and rugs, as the shapes in the painting and other decorative pieces, make this space both extravagant and welcoming at the same time. If you’d like to see more of this truly sublime interior design work just click right here, courtesy of Redfin.

4. Light Gray All Day!

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (5)

Now this is a peculiar room, but I do like what it’s doing. I like how it has a light gray color scheme, which could feel cold if it weren’t for the warm pendant lights hanging haphazardly all over the room, the wooden floor, and the exposed brick on the left-hand wall.

It’s like the left side of the room is the industrial style, and the right side of the wall is the clean, modern, and minimal side. I would like a little bit more of a marriage between the two sides, but that can easily be done by incorporating more home accessories into the space. Click right here to see more of this home, thanks to DÉCOR AID.

5. For your Viewing Pleasure

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (6)

This is an even more strange room! It almost looks like this rec room should be a hallway, but the designer has cleverly turned it into a viewing room! The features surrounding the television are dark and subdued, which really heightens the lighter features in the room while keeping the tv area darker (for better watching).

What I find particularly interesting are the light cedar-wood shingles lining the bottom half of the wall, that match the plywood ceiling. These raw materials are truly industrial chic which can sometimes provide a cooler atmosphere to the room, but in this case, they bring the warmth!

This addition feels totally necessary, especially against the cool cement flooring and dark viewing space. If you love this space and you’re curious to see more, just click on this link courtesy of Tux.

See more of this home

6. Color Blocking your Living Room

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (7)

I truly appreciate a home that uses color to its utmost potential, and that’s something that we definitely see here. We’ve got this wonderfully gross green color (I use that as a term of admiration) on some corrugated metal, that uses color blocking and wall blocking to separate and accentuate these two spaces.

I think using a funky deep blue sofa to brighten up the room is so smart, especially against the rustic fireplace on the back wall. We love a black wall, and it’s especially effective when contrasted against the green.

Peeping outside the beautiful deck outdoors brings airiness, and the classic rocking chair brings a vintage warmth. I really love this industrial-style living room, and if you do too you can just click on this link to see the rest of the house, thanks to Tux.

7. Excuse me, but Part of your Floor is Missing

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (8)

Wow! What a special space. I have never seen flooring like this, where we have a giant peephole peeking down into the room below. This brings such a cool modern flair, while really opening up this lofted area.

Reading nooks are usually quite cozy and quaint, but this reading nook is something else altogether. It’s contemporary, it’s bright, and honestly has seating that I personally would never put in a library. But I do have to say that that is a rather impressive book collection.

This reading area has an industrial aesthetic due to those dark exposed beams on the ceiling and sharp furniture, but everything else is pure modern design. If you’re curious to see the rest of this home, just head right on over to this link, courtesy of Indesign inc.

8. Nothing but Funk Here, Sir

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (9)

This is one of my favorite rooms in this entire collection. Everything single thing about it is cute, quirky, and a little bit different. Starting out with the tiles, you rarely see tile in a living room. Tile can sometimes feel cold, but the bright colors bring an interesting flare to the space.

The backless sofas really bring more light into the room and make it feel like the seating arrangement could go in any direction. The multi-height coffee tables bring some unusual dimension, and the artwork around the room adds some lovely personality.

If we talk about the bones of the room, it’s hard not to be obsessed with the arched windows with gorgeous wooden framing. It’s also incredibly rare to see brick ceilings, especially with a shape like that. This is a simple but spectacular room part of a gorgeous home that you can see the rest of here, courtesy of Nook Architects.

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9. Raw Materials Make the Raddest Rooms

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (10)

Now this is what I call a grand room. Usually, I don’t love it when living rooms and dining rooms are combined, but this room would be excellent for hosting a party. There is so much seating space around the dining room table and a very spacious sectional sofa to boot.

The industrial inspiration really lies in the cement floor, super high ceilings, wood-paneledwalls, and that fireplace that is just to die for. I’m sure you’ve seen a brick fireplace before, but have you ever seen a corner one? These types of fireplaces always blow me away.

I love that the left-hand wall is basically one giant shelving unit, sparing you of the need to store your books, decorations, or electronics anywhere else in the room. If you’re keen on this space, check out the rest of the right here, courtesy of Robson Rak Architects and Interior Design.

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10. Simplicity is King

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (11)

Now this room may not look like much from this photo, but I can really imagine myself sitting in that caramel leather chair and looking out that big window. This photo is the perfect representation that simplicity is king.

We’ve got the industrial bones of the cement floor that actually glides up part of the wall, along with the sharp angles you see around the room. The wood floors are truly a piece of artwork, and if anyone ever rips those up, they should be condemned.

And last but not least, I believe that every room could use a little cowhide rug, and this room has just that. If you want to see the rest of this home, just click right on over here, courtesy of Pascali Semerdjian Architects.

11. Floating Stairs Don’t Scare Me!

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (12)

What a cool room! I always lose it a little bit when I see a set of floating stairs, so imagine having a room where you can look at them just sitting in your living room! The black floating staircase looks dramatic against the concrete walls, ceiling, and support pillar.

The sleek, light gray furniture compliments the overall industrial aesthetic of the room, and the marble coffee table really brings some elegance. And just when you thought that the room might be a little bit too sterile, they just decided to toss in an incredibly impressive floor-to-ceiling wall of windows. Check out the rest of this beautiful space right here, courtesy of Studio GYZA.

12. More Ceiling Space than Anyone Deserves

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (13)

Wowza. You know that you’ve made it once you have a room that looks anywhere close to this one. I feel like the Grand Central Station as a similar ceiling height. I love the incorporation of ceiling windows to help bring a dramatic angle of sunlight to the lower level.

The seating area has classic and simple furniture, all huddled together to create a wonderful conversation nook. The dining room area is very close by, making this truly a perfect room to host a party in. If you’d like to see the rest of this home, click on this link here. For this design, we can thank Grupo Arquitectura.

13. Red Accents Everywhere

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (14)

I love it when interior designers play around with levels in their rooms. Here we see a really funky feature where one level of the room (with cement flooring) ends up being even with the sectional sofa, almost like the furniture is incorporated into the house itself.

We have a gorgeous stone fireplace behind the sectional sofa, and some logs sitting on the shelf nearby bring a lovely organic feel to the room. The clear plastic accent chairs bring some modernity to the space, and I love the little red accents all over the place, bringing in some eccentricity.

The space really opens up thanks to those floor-to-ceiling walls made purely of glass. If you’re interested to see the rest of this beautiful home, click here. The design is courtesy of Work of Architects.

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14. A Little Slice of Heaven in the City

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (15)

Doesn’t this room just make you wanna scream in a good way? This is truly a little slice of heaven in the city, which you can see for yourself by peeking out that impressive panoramic window. This room is the perfect blend of industrial and modern.

We can see the industrial feel in the cement wall in the back, the protruding fireplace on a cement block (so cool), and the huge vent that goes above the fireplace. No matter how modern a fireplace looks, as long as you have firewood next to it, it’ll warm the space right up.

What brings the coziness to the room is the nice and cushy-looking sectional sofa in a light pink color and the huge shelving unit on the back wall. Check out the rest of this gorgeous home right here, design courtesy of Ofist.

15. The Classiest Fireplace You Ever Did See

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (16)

This industrial look absolutely screams James Bond villain. Or James Bond himself, I can’t decide. Let’s start out with the beautifully rustic slabs of wood that have been shaped into coffee tables (or could probably double as ottomans), standing in contrast against the super modern stainless steel and glass coffee table.

I like the linen-looking rugs covering the cement flooring; it really adds some warmth to the space. The single lounge chair in the room really tells ya that this home really is not lacking in space. You can’t see how tall the ceilings are in this photo, but you can probably guess that they are.

Okay, now let’s just talk about the fireplace. This open-concept fireplace set on a concrete slab, with an impressive brass vent above it, is truly one of the most extravagant and impressive features in a home I’ve ever seen. To check out the rest of this elegant home just click right here, with designs courtesy of ARRCC.

16. Nothing but Lightbulbs in Here

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (17)It’s pretty cool looking at this industrial living room in two different halves. If you first look at the bottom half, the space may seem slightly plain. The luxurious furniture in chocolate brown is simply gorgeous, enticing you to take a seat and stay a while.

We have a nice and clean white brick wall in the back contrasting against a cement floor. The minute you take a peek at the top half of the photo that’s when things start to get fun! While the rest of the room is really minimal, they really go overboard with the hanging lighting , and I think it’s such a fun idea.

The bones of this room are super industrial, with the metal beams rising from the floor and crossing the ceiling. Can you imagine if there were hanging plants up there? Incredible.

17. Marry the Light with the Darkness

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (18)

I love how each section of this room that you look at, each one has a completely different feel to it, yet they all connect quite seamlessly. Starting with the window side, we have Japanese-style window frames letting in a very subtle and calming light.

The center of the room is quite dark, with a dark sofa, dark rug, dark shelving, and dark hanging features. I love the quaint little fireplace in the middle of the room. Then once you go to the other side, the huge tree in the back brightens up the entire space.

While the room’s foundation is classic industrial style, the rest of the decor provides some Japanese minimalism, almost brutalist modernity, with rustic features like the model sailboat and vintage chest of drawers.

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18. Is that a Waterfall or a Cement Wall?

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (19)

I have a good feeling that the interior designer responsible for the previous post was also responsible for this industrial decor. It has some similar features, having a ton of natural light coming in from the windows, but adding depth to the room but using super dark and imposing furniture pieces.

I love the huge backless ottoman closer to the window that opens up the room and the three lovely pendant lights brightening up the room. The exposed pipes bring a little bit of drama, so we totally welcome those huge and healthy fig-leaf ficusses’ in the corners.

19. It’s Called Rustic Chic, Baby. Look it Up

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (20)

Now I may not be totally in love with this living room, but I understand why people would. One thing I do love is the huge caramel-colored sofa that brings you into the room with its huge plush seats. I would take a nap on that every day.

One thing I’m not a fan of is the wall in the back. I don’t like the look of things that are distressed but in a purposeful way. No one would ever cover half of a wall of bricks with cement. But moving on! I love the exposed beams on the ceiling and, of course, the lovely landscape windows.

20. I Just Love This One

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (21)

Oh, what a special little space. Those gorgeous and bright bay windows bring such a lovely contrast to an entirely exposed brick room. I could honestly do without the stainless steel piping on the ceiling, but hey, what can ya do?

You can really never go wrong with an Eames chair and the other two super funky matching accent chairs. I like how the seating in this room is upright, encouraging engaged conversation rather than sleepy lounging.

I love the pot lights on the high wooden ceilings, and I especially love how this is almost like a segue room to the upper and lower floors. If you want to see what’s on those other floors, check out the design courtesy of Dixon Projects.

21. Why Everyone Needs Twinkle Lights in Their Life

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (22)

I could probably live the rest of my life in this room. It would probably take me the rest of my life to read all those books on that super impressive wall-sized library shelving. We have three gorgeous options for reading seating: caramel leather chair, chocolate leather chair, or marshmallow sofa.

I love the enormous square windows peeking out into the city, and I love even more the pendant twinkle lights hanging from the concrete ceiling (that’s when you know there’s good insulation). The low coffee table brings intimacy to the room, especially when it’s paired with such a gorgeous Persian rug.

I am only now seeing the hanging swing. I have no words for that. That’s just one of the benefits of having industrial bones in your home: you know the foundation is sturdy! Check out the rest of this home design, thanks to Carolyn Reyes.

22. Cute Cozy Cute

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (23)AHG Interiors is responsible for this simply gorgeous room design. There isn’t anything I don’t love about this room, and I think a lot of it has to do with those gorgeous and huge plants hanging out under the skylight.

I love the shape and depth of that huge window and the warmth the left wall brings with exposed brick and the beautiful wood fire stove. There is wood everywhere in this room, which to me, is the key to making a room as inviting as possible.

I especially love the big and comfy sectional sofa and the accent chair. I have a feeling that this is another floor to the design that we saw in post number 20!

23. Where We All Want to be When We Grow Up

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (24)

What an impressive room. I love how this room has the living room, the kitchen, the music room, and a library all into one, but it doesn’t feel cramped. I am also so curious to know what is at the top of the lofted area up there.

Something I’ve noticed is that many of these rooms have been missing artwork in their designs, but not in this one. I love it when an entire wall is completely covered in paintings. The color pop that the art brings is extended all the way to the library in the back.

I love that the living room area has only white furniture (though I’m not sure about the choice of 4 different coffee tables clustered in the middle) and the shelf that separates the next portion of the room. The industrial lighting brings length to the room, and I love the wood flooring and brick wall. This room design is courtesy of ardesign.

24. Are you Kidding Me with That Fireplace

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (25)

Honestly, I think this room is a little bit silly, but it just has to be included in this collection. We’ll save the best for last and instead start with the interesting and modernly shaped chairs that have squared edges to them. This honestly goes great with the stone slab coffee table in the center.

I really like that the window frame is white and the brick walls have also been painted white. I gotta say that the painting looks like if Dwight Schrute were buff and a surfer. Am I right? Okay, now I can finally talk about the fireplace.

I have never, in all my days, seen a pendant fireplace in the shape of a UFO, and I gotta say I’m completely obsessed. I have never seen a more unique design courtesy of Sherri J Photography.

25. A Whole Lotta Room

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (26)

Truly a tremendous space to behold here. The design has plenty of industrial living room ideas when you focus on the top half of the room, with the exposed ceiling foundation, the aluminum pipes, and the honestly gorgeous stone support pillar in the center of the room.

The gorgeous framed windows give you an excellent view of the city below, which you could stare at for hours from the seating area. I think that the dark-colored sofa complements the warmer colors found in the area rug, the wooden coffee table, the marble side table, and the leather accent chair.

Honestly, it seems like there’s a bit of a theme in this collection with absolutely wild fireplaces, and I am here for it. I mentioned before that I usually freak out over a corner fireplace, and I did again when I saw this one. The only downer is that this one is a gas fireplace. Check out the rest of this home design, thanks to YoDezeen Architects.

26. The Perfect Living Room

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (27)

Honestly, this room could have a toadstool for furniture, and I would still love the design simply because of those floor-to-ceiling windows and that heavenly backyard. We’ve got classic industrial aspects to this room with the concrete floors, the black beams and rail lighting, and the gray brick on the back wall.

Personally, I would have added an area rug to the seating area, but mostly because I’d like to picture myself rolling around on it. There’s a wonderfully spacious feel to this room thanks to the spaced-out furniture, high ceilings, and generous view of the outside. This design is thanks to Rose-Leigh Design.

27. The Lofted Industrial Living Room

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (28)

Oh my goodness! I am continuously shocking myself with the extravagance of these living rooms. And though not everyone has the means to create a room like this in their own home, it is still incredibly fun to look at and to take inspiration in ways that you can.

This entire room is made entirely of concrete which can sometimes feel a little bit cold, but the room is wholly brightened up with those completely over-the-top and completely necessary windows. I love the deep red accents all throughout the room.

Everything else in the space is either white or black, and boy, do I love a color scheme. This living room would make you feel like you’re on vacation all the time. This gorgeous home design is thanks to Hauser Architektur.

28. Orange you Glad this Room Exists?

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (29)

This room is truly heaven to me. I love how the window framing is a very similar color to the super tall brick wall, which is then reflected in the glass top of the dining room table. Though there aren’t that many warm colors in this room, it manages to be incredibly inviting.

The sliding window doors almost have a Japanese style to them, which is a stark contrast against the concrete floors, but it somehow completely works. I personally disagree with having the sectional sofa facing the television instead of the backyard, but hey, I’d still live the heck in this living room. If you love this room just as much as I do, check out the rest of the work with Decor Ideas.

29. Did Anyone Order a Garage Door?

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (30)

Now I can picture any character that Tom Cruise plays in any of his movies living in this house. It just screams rugged elegance, from the Chesterfield sofa to the matching staircase that matches the eating nook and the kitchen area.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: that absolutely incredible garage door leading you out of the backyard (and below-ground pool, I might add). I think I’m in love with the person that lives here. Check out the rest of this incredible house right over here at Seabold Architectural Studio.

30. Now that’s What I Call a Color Pop!

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (31)

This is a very charming room that I think is so charming because of the mismatched furniture bringing a really kitschy feel to the industrial design. Though it may not seem purposeful, you can tell that it is because the designer brought the same color of purple up into the accent cushion and all the way to the back of the room, which I think is a purple accent wall.

This is such a cozy seating area where you could play Scrabble, eat dinner, or take a super long nap. You can barely notice the industrial framing of this place because the decor is so warm. Those are some super robust beams on the wooden ceiling and just gorgeous classic brick on the window wall.

I especially love that the fireplace is in the center of the room, and I’m pretty sure that it’s a double-sided fireplace that you can also feel when you’re standing in the other part of the house. Honestly, if I lived here, I would never leave. Check out the rest of this home at TCPeterson Photography.

31. Gorgeous n’ Grey

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (32)

Okay, I am also in love with whoever lives in this house. It’s the perfect blend of industrial and modern, with little spikes of warmth all around. The super unique shelving unit on the lefthand wall is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

The really low seating makes the room wonderfully inviting despite the somewhat sterile ceiling features like the exposed foundation and dark pendant lights. The huge windows in the back bring in some lovely natural light, and I truly love the artwork sitting next to them. The rest of the home design is available at Andrea Michaelson Design.

32. Pristine in Pink

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (33)

I simply adore how every single thing in this industrial living room is matching. It is like cedar, and it is black. This is found in the combination of the dining room table and chairs, the cabinets and their handles, the flooring and the staircase, the kitchen islands, and their countertops.

What I love even more is how there is one thing in the room that isn’t matching, and it’s that giant centerpiece of a sofa right in the middle. It brings so much fun, brightness, and freshness to the room, elevating the rest of the features. This home design is thanks to Strianese + Pew.

33. Heaven on Hearth

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (34)

I truly mean it when I say that this room is heaven on earth. While most of the industrial aspects are camouflaged, they are accentuated in those gorgeous hardwood foundation beams. They look gorgeous against the white and tall windows, really extending the height of the room (as if the ceilings weren’t high enough already).

I think having light-colored furniture is super elegant, from the area rug to accent chairs to pillows and blankets. I also adore how the eating nook in the back has one side that is a complete bench seat! Obsessed!

Sometimes exposed brick walls can darken a room, but the designer very smartly put a huge, bright, and ethereal painting over top of it to brighten it back up again. You can check out the rest of this perfect home by clicking on this link, courtesy of Chango & Co.

34. Serenity, Now!

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (35)

Simply gorgeous. I think it was so smart to use black framing to bring some depth to this industrial living room. Using black window panes and frames really helps to add dimension, and it accentuates the overall shape of the room as well.

The super rustic wooden beams on the ceiling are so charming, and the simple furniture is a gorgeous breath of fresh air (as though those huge windows weren’t enough). Though this isn’t integral to the design, I absolutely love the mobile on the ceiling; I think a little bit of movement in a room is just *chef’s kiss*. If you love this room just as much as I do, you can see the rest of it by clicking on this link, courtesy of both Nieuw and Ibiza Interiors.

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (36)

34 Trendy Industrial-Style Living Room Ideas - Gorgeous to Legendary (2024)


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