How Clix Apparently Lost Two Girlfriends within a Day Ft. Andrew Tate (2024)


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How Clix Apparently Lost Two Girlfriends within a Day Ft. Andrew Tate (1)

Clix is a lot of things — a professional Fortnite player, a successful entrepreneur, and a big online celebrity. However, among many of his accomplishments, handling relationships does not seem to be one.

The professional gamer, who is usually posting about needing and wanting a girlfriend on Twitter, recently had not one but two girlfriends. However, he lost both of them within a year.

And, of course, Andrew Tate, helped a bit, too.

Clix, First Girlfriend, Andrew Tate, and How It All Ended

Although the words 'girlfriend,' 'girlfriends,' and 'gf' seem to be ubiquitous on Clix's (real name —Cody Conrod) Twitter, the latest of his girlfriend-related drama seems to have begun on July 13, 2022.

On that day, he posted a sad-looking picture of himself staring at what looks to be a campfire in front of him. "lonely, need gf," he wrote.

And his wishes apparently came true soon as a girl named Darla Claire (tiktok — @darla.claire_) became his girlfriend.

Then, on July 20, he announced he would be doing a Twitch stream with the infamous Tate and one other person on July 21. He said he would only take the best of questions in a follow-up tweet.

Claire joined the stream, and during their over two hour-long stream, Tate forced the two (still minors) to kiss on stream. He even hit on Claire, saying if she needed a "real man" when she turned 18, he knew a guy, implying he was talking about himself.

How Clix Apparently Lost Two Girlfriends within a Day Ft. Andrew Tate (2)

Clix with his apparent ex girlfriend, Darla Claire, on his Twitch livestream with Andrew Tate. (Photo: Clix/Twitch)

This angered Clix, who called Tate "weird" live on the stream. Despite the weirdness and Tate's audacity, things did not seem to have gone badbetween the couple.

After the July 21 stream, Clix made a rather happy announcement on Twitter. Posting a clip where he was getting snuggly with Claire, he wrote, "No longer a virgin."

Things derailed from here as Clix would soon find out she was already cheating on him. "I [expletive] got cheated on already wtf," he tweeted on July 22.

In the replieswere people posting pictures of Claire with another guy named Darren Zaldivar. She had a clip of her getting cozy with Zaldivar on her TikTok, with a few other comments about meeting soon from as early back as July 13.

word on the street says that she already had a boyfriend and still kissed you and slept with you but thats all im hearing tho could be wrong— FaZe Sway (@FaZeSway) July 22, 2022

This meant that Claire already had a boyfriend when she agreed to become Clix's girlfriend. And that she was just acting the whole time.

He then raided her Instagram live to confront her and get answers. When she said it was all true, she started getting hate on the internet, which prompted her to delete posts with Darren. Now, her TikTok has no posts with Darren or any other guy.

How Clix Apparently Lost His Second Girlfriend

By the next day — July 22 — Clix had apparently already gotten another girlfriend, a 17-year-old girl named Lina. They appeared on-stream and chatted with his followers on Twitch that day.

However, in retrospect, things look a bit jumbled at this point.

Lina had already announced she would be appearing on a stream with Clix on June 20 on Twitter. And as scheduled, they did.

The stream began with a distraught-looking Clix as he looked at Claire and Zaldivar's posts and asked if he was cuter than him. He even assured everyone onhis mother's life that what had happened was not scripted or planned.

23 minutes into the stream, Lina joinedClix, and they talked for a while. They discussed how they were trying to settle into what one can only assume to be an hours-longrelationship.

But Clix then found an excuse to send her away. After she went away, he again brought up Claire, said he wanted to end things better, and called her immediately.

During the call, he tried to convince Claire to get back together with him. Apparently, she was with Zaldivar on the other end.

Too occupied with this, he did not realize Lina was in the next room. She overheard everything and confronted him in front of everyone present on the stream.

Clix, apparently in his gamer mindset, responded with an "L + ratio." If translated, it probably meant she or her anger did not mean anything to him at that moment.

Infuriated, she stormed out, and that was that for their relationship.

Since the live stream, neither of them has posted anything about a relationship. As for Clix, it is business as usual for him now — he recently took a trip to Saudi Arabia and competed in a $2 million Fortnite Buildstournament there.

How Clix Apparently Lost Two Girlfriends within a Day Ft. Andrew Tate (2024)


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