How Fortnite star Clix failed 2 relationships in a single day, explained (2024)

Mittie Cheatwood

The Fortnite community is not without drama, and this time it is popular pro player Cody "Clix" Conrod who is making the headlines. In the last 24 hours, Clix managed to end two relationships in the most controversial ways possible.

Clix has been very open about his relationships. He loves tweeting about relationship updates, bringing his girlfriends on stream, and posting with them on social media.

However, the public nature of his relationships recently made him a laughing stock on the internet.

Clix recently went live on Twitch with Andrew Tate and his girlfriend, Darla. During the livestream, the pro player got his first-ever kiss from his girlfriend. It clearly seemed like he was over the moon until everything went south. News soon broke that Darla was cheating on Clix, who found a new girlfriend shortly after.

Fortnite pro Clix breaks up with new girlfriend within hours

A few days ago, Clix took to Twitter to tell his fans that he felt lonely and needed a girlfriend. He didn't have to wait long as he found a girlfriend only a few days later. The professional player announced his new relationship on Twitter through an extremely intimate caption and video.

Clix started dating a girl named Darla Claire, who made an appearance on his stream with Andrew Tate. In the last segment of the livestream, Tate tried to be Clix's wingman and taught him how to win her over. His advice clearly worked since the Fortnite professional managed to steal a kiss from his new partner.

The Clix x Tate stream was hardly without controversies. What started as Tate acting as the Fortnite player's wingman ended with a few distasteful comments from the kickboxer directed towards Darla's age.

The hype from the kiss didn't last long, as shortly after the stream, Clix shared a rather sad update.

Based on the information that he received on the internet, Darla already had a boyfriend and had "cheated on" Clix. This was suggested by multiple people on the internet who saw a guy named Darren in several of her TikTok videos.

Clix raids ex-girlfriend's Instagram live to confront her

Things got heated up as the internet brought forward more proof to suggest that Darla was indeed dating Darren. In fact, someone messaged the latter asking if she was his girlfriend, to which he replied with an affirmative.

Once Clix's fans realized that Darla was probably cheating on their favorite Fortnite pro, they ended up criticizing her on social media. Several of the comments also included hate messages and threats, something that Darla addressed on her recent Instagram live.

According to her, the two were "never really a thing" and that she did not deserve all the hate that was directed towards her.

The popular pro player did not agree with Darla's side of things, the situation got even worse when Darren and her other friends showed up in the background and started calling Clix names.

Fortnite pro Clix's second girlfriend breaks up with him on livestream

It did not take Clix long to get another girlfriend, and he soon appeared on a livestream with Lina, a fellow Fortnite player. Both the streamers were talking about each other and trying to settle into their new relationship. However, Cody soon made an excuse to send Lina out of the room.

As soon as she left, Clix ensured she couldn't hear him and started talking about his ex-girlfriend, Darla. He wanted to end things on a clear note and ended up calling her on livestream. When asked where she was, Darla replied that she was in a car, and Darren was also present.

The Fortnite pro continued to convince Darla to give him a chance to sort things out and that he missed her. Unfortunately, Lina overheard the conversation from another room. Infuriated, she confronted him during livestream, to which he replied, "L + ratio." Upset by his behavior, Lina stormed out of the house:

"You know what? I'm out of here."

This is how Clix first managed to get "cheated on" by a girl, and how his new girlfriend also left him just a few hours later. The Fortnite professional hasn't talked about the situation since then, but his latest tweet is a photoshopped picture of him next to Andrew Tate.

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How Fortnite star Clix failed 2 relationships in a single day, explained (2024)


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