The Perfect Pizza Dough Recipe - Chef in Training (2024)

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This Perfect Pizza Dough Recipe only requires 10 minutes of rest time and is perfection each and every time! It will be the best and only pizza dough recipe you ever need!

About 4 or 5 years ago, we had my brother-in-law, Jeff, and sister-in-law, Katie, over to our house for dinner. While the boys were out golfing, Katie and I brainstormed on what to make. That is when she first introduced me to the fool-proof pizza dough recipe her aunt had given to her. It is seriously SO simple, is almost IMPOSSIBLE to mess up (if you do mess it up, I would really be curious to hear about it) and only requires 15 minutes of rise time. Does it get any easier or faster than that when making bread dough? Not that I have encountered.

I recently made a delicious pizza using this dough recipe (recipe coming later) that I am super excited to share. But first we have to start with the basic recipes to get to later recipes right? So here is this recipe. Save it. Print it. Use it. You won’t go back to any other pizza dough recipe ever again!

The Perfect Pizza Dough Recipe - Chef in Training (1)

The Perfect Pizza Dough Recipe - Chef in Training (2)

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The Perfect Pizza Dough

The recipe is virtually fool-proof! Makes perfect pizza dough every time!

Prep Time 10 minutes minutes

Cook Time 18 minutes minutes

Rest Time 20 minutes minutes

Servings 16

Calories 174kcal


  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1 Tablespoon yeast
  • 1 Tablespoon salt
  • 5 cups flour divided
  • 4 Tablespoons olive oil 2 Tablespoons per pan


  • Mix warm water and yeast and let sit 5 minutes until yeast proofs.

  • Add 2 ½ cups flour with proofed yeast and mix well in Kitchen Aid or with a dough hook.

  • Add additional 2 ½ cups flour and salt, knead until smooth. Cover bowl with saran wrap. Let dough rest in a ball for 10 to 20 minutes.

  • Preheat oven to 400 F.

  • Pour 2 tablespoons of olive oil onto baking sheet or pizza pan and evenly coat bottom of baking sheet or pizza pan.

  • Remove dough from bowl and add more flour as needed (a little at a time) to alleviate the stickiness of the dough if needed. I add a few Tablespoons usually.

  • Split dough in half and roll each ball of dough very thin and place on greased pan.

  • Now comes the fun part! Top your pizza dough however you would like. If you have a favorite pizza recipe or breadstick recipe, have at it! Be sure and leave a 3/4-inch space on the edge for crust.

  • Bake each pizza separately at 400 degrees F for 18-20 minutes for pizza and 15 minutes for bread sticks or cinnamon sticks.


Calories: 174kcal | Carbohydrates: 30g | Protein: 4g | Fat: 4g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 3g | Sodium: 438mg | Potassium: 44mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 0.1g | Vitamin C: 0.001mg | Calcium: 7mg | Iron: 2mg

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  1. Abigail

    This is excellent, I've been looking for a good crust recipe! Have you ever tried making this with whole wheat?

    1. Chef in Training

      I have not tried whole wheat. If you try it, let me know how it turns out :)

    2. Tamara


      I have done this with between 1 and 2 1/2 cups of white whole wheat flour, and it comes out great. :-)

      This is my favorite pizza dough recipe.

    3. Valerie

      I did a cup-for

  2. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    I love that you have your go-to pizza dough recipe. I have one that's ready in an hour and a whole wheat one, but yours is even faster! Love that. Pinned!

  3. Sherri J.

    Do you have a recipe for homemade sauce?

    1. Lee-Anne

      you are looking for a sauce recipe!
      I have one that I use all the time and you can make it as sweet or not as you want,
      here you go
      1 small can of tomato paste
      same can of hot water
      tbl brown sugar
      teas oregano
      1/2 teas pepper
      1/2 Italian seasoning
      1/2 teas garlic

      mix in a bowl and paste your pizza

      _--_ you can add or delete brown sugar as you like it, you can put a little at a time till it taste good to you, play around with spices as you wish.

      I'm hoping that you like this one



    2. Beccie


      Best Recipe Ever!!!
      OmG... I made a Stromboli with this dough...
      Ham, Mozzarella, Mushrooms... I even I kneaded a bruschetta spice in the dough...
      Thank you!

  4. Jana


    Seriously great pizza crust! We make homemade pizza on most Friday's and this is a keeper. It will be my new go to crust from now on! And with only a 15 minute rise timI I no longer have to start dough at 3:30 in the afternoon! Thank you!

  5. Amber G.

    Can this dough be frozen? I love to make a bunch of pizzas during a slow day. Top with sauce and cheese and then wrap them and freeze them. We then pull them out on busy night and but toppings on them. Saves money from buying store bought frozen pizza.

    1. Julie

      Yes! It froze beautifully for me.

  6. Debbie

    Is a tablespoon of yeast one packet?

    1. Chef in Training

      one tablespoon

    2. AR

      Debbie, there are 2.25 teaspoons of yeast in one yeast packet. 3 teaspoons equal 1 tablespoon so you'll need a little more than what's in the packet. :)

    3. Ashley

      Typically, the packets of yeast are 2 1/4 teaspoons.

    4. Angie


      Big hit with the family!! Thanks for sharing

  7. Susan

    I really enjoy your blog, however, you have so many ads that pop up when opening your posts that it takes forever to load.

  8. Lorena

    This sounds great! You don't specify which kind of yeast, I'm guessing it has to be quick-rise since that's only 15 minutes.

    1. Rachel

      Since the recipe calls for proofing, use traditional yeast. I am attempting it with 'pizza yeast' right now... which is not quite a quick rise, as it still requires (minimal) proofing, yet gives a quicker rise. We'll see how that turns out.

  9. ruth eilers

    can you freeze this dough to use some or all of it later? If yes, what is the process for thawing and then using?

    1. Shirley Smith

      we have frozen this dough, then thawed in the fridge when we wanted to use it. The only difference we saw was that it wasn't quite as crispy as when it was first made

    2. Mary

      Thanks for the question and answer. I was just wondering this. Have a great day!

  10. Jamesbay

    Very nice! But I'm wondering how does the the dough rise without sugar in the recipe?

    1. Beverly

      You only need flour, water, salt, and yeast to make great bread. When flour mixes with water, its own natural enzymes are released to turn the starches into simple sugars.

  11. Shirley Smith


    this is about the same recipe my daughter uses & her pizza dough is the best! We like thin crust best, though so get 3 large pizzas from this amount of dough. Also, she doesn't roll it out first, just puts a piece of dough in the pan & presses it out. No commercial pizza can compare.

    1. Shirley Smith

      I forgot to mention that daughter also pre-bakes about 5 - 8 minutes before putting on toppings. she drizzles with a bit more olive oil before topping. At this point the pizza can be removed from the pan if you want & finished either directly on the oven rack or on the grill. As I said we prefer thin & crispy - if you like thicker crust these methods probably wouldn't work for you.

  12. Jen ELf

    Hey can't wait to try this one out, been looking for a good pizza base recipe. quick question which flour to use? Plain? Self Raising? strong? etc. Or any?
    Also is there a type of yeast we need to use?

    1. Chef in Training

      I used all purpose flour and active dry yeast :)

  13. Bertrice

    Cinnamon sticks? Tell me more. :-D

  14. Renee

    the store i went to had yeast flakes - is this the same as yeast? do i use the same amount? thanks!

    1. Chef in Training

      I have never heard of yeast flakes before so I am unsure of how to use them. I used active dry yeast for this recipe. Sorry I can't be of more help.

    2. Kathy

      Yeast flakes usually refers to nutritional yeast which is NOT the yeast used for baking/rising. It is usually added to granolas and other baked goods for added nutrition, not for leavening. It will not help dough rise.

    3. Valerie Greer

      If you purchased "Nutritional Yeast Flakes" and they are yellow, NO ma'am this isn't what you need. Yeast Flakes are used for things like cheese substitutes in sauces (if you want to go the vegan route). I use them myself in sauces. What you want is Dry Active Yeast, which will look like tiny, slightly brown, granuals

  15. Angie Z

    No sugar?

    1. Amanda

      I've been making pizza dough like this for years. I have never once used sugar and it turns out perfect every time.

    2. Mercinraja


      The purpose that we are adding sugar is the food for yeast.

  16. Frank Fernandez

    What is a good method of measuring flour. i know when i "scoop" out flour with measuring cup, it seems to pack a considerable amount in the measuring cup, and I'm not sure if I'm altering the recipe by putting too much in....
    Maybe pour flour into measuring cup? Sift & pour into cup? or the scoop method?
    I'm looking forward to trying this. My daughters and I love making pizza together.

    1. Liz

      Hi, Frank. To measure flour, spoon the flour into the measuring cup. Don't pack it in, it should be loose. Overfill and then level with a knife. Hope this helps!

  17. Nadja


    Hi Nikki,

    I was sold at "Fool proof" :-) And I like that it's quick and easy.. just a 10 min waiting time. Perfect! Will give it a try.

    Thanks for the recipe.

    Greetings from Holland

  18. Dianna

    what kind of yeast? cake or rapid?

    1. Chef in Training

      i use active dry yeast

  19. Cindy Lou


    I have made pizza dough using this method for more than 20 years. When it failed, it was a yeast problem...unfortunately it just doesn't last forever!

    One of my family's favourites is Bread Wedges. Make your crust and pour on zesty Italian salad dressing. Top with mozzarella and parmesan and bake until done. I like to do pizza in a hot oven-400F I have also mixed in a blend of Italian herbs into the flour incorporating a bit more flavour into the dough. Have fun with it and don't be afraid to experiment.

  20. Noor

    Nice... but let me know.. you used 21/2 cup of flour so it is for 2 cup of warm water..

  21. Leslie McKinnon

    will try this been looking for a pizza day receipt

  22. Sylvia

    Do you think this could be made with whole wheat flour instead of regular flower?

  23. Laurie Sagerman

    Hi, can this Dough be refrigerated and or Frozen for later use? Thanks Laurie

  24. zai

    Can i frozen the dough for next time use?

  25. Chauntelle

    I haven't read any of your comments yet, so I don't know if this has been mentioned, but you could totally grill this pizza dough.

    Preheat your grill. Dip a paper towel in your choice of oil and using long tongs, brush your grill with the paper towel (make sure you clean the grates before doing this). Place pizza dough on your grill and cover and bake for 3-5 mins, depending on how hot it is. Take the dough off the grill and immediately decorate the cooked side of your dough with your favorite toppings. Place your pizza back on the grill (the raw side of the dough will be on the grill now) and cover and bake till toppings are done.

    I love grilling pizza and I usually split the dough into personal sized pizzas for each member of my family. They can create their favorite pizza and not have to share. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. Peggy Wagner

      I do this all the time with this recipe. I roll out individual pizzas cook them on the grill just a couple minutes then put toppings on and put them back on the grill until the cheese melts. The crusts freeze great too.
      Love thin crispy crust!

  26. Marietjie Bam

    Is this recipe made with bread flour or all-purpose flour!

    1. Chef in Training

      i use all purpose :)


      I only had bread and cake flour on hand, used half and half and turned out great!

  27. Darrin H

    Recipe looks good. One thing I'm not sure how it'll work with this recipe, but when I make home made pizza dough I don't use oil to coat the pan. I simply sprinkle some flour on the bottom. Helps the pizza come out crispier and not soggy.

  28. Tina

    Can this be rolled out and frozen for use later

  29. Heather Brown

    Does this recipe take NO SUGAR? I don't see any mixed with the yeast...I wondered if your recipe was missing it?

  30. carol

    Hi!! What type of yeast you use? Thxs

    1. Chef in Training

      I use active dry yeast

  31. Salma

    I was looking for the best recipe and it's amazing thanks

  32. Pam

    I would love to try this recipe but I don't have a dough hook or a Kitchen Aid! Would a food processor work instead?

    1. Chef in Training

      you can totally knead by hand too :)

    2. Dalia

      I always use my food processor, but on a low speed.

  33. Jessika


    This was exactly as advertised and so easy, thanks so much! It was a little salty for my taste so I might cut that slightly but that is just personal preference as my husband loved it. I froze some and thawed in the refrigerator and it worked so well. I am back here to look up the recipe again for dinner and to load the freezer so we have some on hand when I have a baby in a couple weeks! So fantastic!

  34. Sheela

    The yeast just didnt proof! Do i use all the water to 1 tablespoon of yeast? When i reduced the water to 1/2 cup then it was fine. So should i increase the yeast for all the water?

  35. CaMer


    I made the Pizza Dough recipe with my 7yr old son last night and it was easy, fun, quick and delicious! I couldn't believe how foolproof this recipe was for a perfect pizza crust.

  36. Margaret Fernandez

    Define 'proofed yeast'

  37. Bekki


    I use a version of this recipe all the time. The only difference is, I make half as much to make two 14 inch round pizzas, or one rectangular thick crust. I don't bother proofing the yeast (mixing it with the water first), and I use a whole dry yeast packet (2.25 tsp.) with only 1 cup water to just under 3 cups of flour. I only use 1 tsp. of salt, and add 2 Tablespoons of vegetable oil to the dough instead off the pan. Once it is kneeded (I use a dough hook and a Kitchenaid mixer), it only needs to rest 10 minutes before rolling or pressing out and topping. I never prebake the pizza crust, unless I plan to freeze it. Otherwise, 18 minutes at 400 degrees will cook it through. I've used baking stones or cookie sheets just sprayed with cooking spray, and they both work well. No sugar needed, unless you prefer sweeter dough (we don't). For freezing, bake the crust 5 minutes until it is barely light brown, let cool, then add toppings, wrap in plastic wrap or foil, and freeze. It can go straight from freezer to oven and bake at 400 degrees. To make a stuffed crust, use mozzarella cheese ( I use an 8 ounce brick) sliced into small rectangles. Mine are the short end of the cheese brick, cut in slices, and then cut in half. Place the slices on the outside edge of the pizza, and wrap the dough around them and press to seal the edge. The thick edge holds the toppings in well, and my kids eat the crusts better. No additional cooking time needed, but some cheese may leak out. Doesn't hurt a thing. Yummy! We can our own pizza sauce, but we just use Mrs. Wages brand packages, because that's the flavor we like best. Enjoy!

    1. Pamela Spiker

      Instead of dividing the dough for 2 pizzas can I use the whole amount and make a deep dish pizza?

  38. Barry

    You should specify the type of flour used! There is a huge difference between bread and all purpose flour.

    1. Chef in Training

      I used all purpose flour

  39. Linda

    Do you use self rising or plain flour?

    1. Chef in Training

      all purpose flour

  40. Teri Rizzo

    How many pizzas does this recipe yield. Thanks Teri

  41. Maggie

    Made this today. It was easy and tasted good but the bottom was SO HARD. Bad hard. We used a pre heated stone instead of a pan, lowest rack, same temp and time. Any ideas how to bake it so the crust is cooked but not so hard, preferably still on a stone?

    1. Tiffany Campbell

      I would first not preheat the stone and, secondly, not put it on the lowest rack, closest to the heat source. In my experience, and a Pampered Chef consultant who works with stones, preheating them is not necessary and could prove disastrous if the food you're putting on them is cold, resulting in thermal shock.

    2. a

      Putting a cold pizza stone in a pre-heated oven causes the stone to crack - that is where the temperature shock comes from.
      Stones are used for pizza so they only take 5-10 min to cook (max). It just sounds like you have too thick crust and you are overcooking

  42. Steph


    I used this for Pepperoni Rolls for me and the hubby. He loved them. Made about 8 rolls, served with spanish rice and it was awesome!

  43. Tea


    Wooow, looks delicious and is so easy to make :D
    Must try it as soon as possible :)

  44. Cyreise Highfill

    First time user of dough hook. What speed do you use for the dough hook? Also do you grease your bowl for the dough ball to rest in?

  45. cathy

    Hi is this instant yeast or which kind?

  46. Lola Aldrich

    When adding the additional 2-1/2 cups of flour, do you have to knead by hand, or will the Kitchen Aid with dough hook do the kneading?


      Stir in with spoon then let dough hook take over.

  47. Tea


    I love it and give it five stars! well done!

  48. ed


    you have nothing in your recipe to activate the yeast. this would be a much better recipe with sugar in your first step

  49. Jane

    Can you freeze these before baking?

  50. rosemarie johnson

    would love to try it but i do not have a kitchen aid mixer just a reg, mixer ,cause we eat pizza once a week ....

  51. Vicki

    Wow does this look easy! A question... I always use a pizza stone. Can I use it for this recipe?

  52. Mary

    Any other way to make if you don't have dough hooks or a kitchen aid?

    1. Chef in Training

      you can totally knead by hand! I have done both with no problems :)

    2. Louis Bocquee

      Knead by hand is as old and good as anything. Will just take longer to prepare.

  53. karmen

    Can I make this in my bread machine on the pizza dough setting?

    1. Terri

      Yes, a bread machine can be used. That is how I do mine. Works every time!

  54. Louis Bocquee

    You do not mention how many pizza this amount of flour makes, as well as the brand of flour used. Personally, I tried different flour without any great success until I came across 'LAUCKE' flour. I have never looked back and my pizza comes out perfect every time. For 2 of us, I use 1 1/2 cup with 2 extra spoons. However, I will definitely give your recipe a go next time.

  55. Bill Williams


    Perhaps a good recipe, but 1 tablespoon of salt is simply too much. I'm thinking that not only did it make it too salty but it inhibited the yeast. Worth playing with though.

  56. Tina


    I messed it up- I have a Bosch mixer and I did the 2 1/2 cups flour and then the other 2 1/2 and it was hard as a rock wayyy too much flour so I through that dough away and slowly added the flour in and only needed about 4 cups tops and it was perfect! Now I have made it about 3 times and it turns out great every time!

  57. rokiah

    Could you please give the measurement in grams ?

    1. Debbie

      If you Google I bet you could find the measurements you're looking for. It's my go to when I am stumped by something. Then pin if you. It will always be there for you ????

    2. a

      I too would prefer to have the ingredients listed - or at least translated into grams (as they are universal

      American cups to grams weigh different depending on the type of flour. I assume this recipie uses american cups etc. but cups are not standard size around the world - so I firstly have to assume it is american.
      I came to the comments to try and find the conversion to grams/any other universal measurement I could use. I usually avoid american recipies (for a few reasons) mostly because they are so hard to convert to useable, universal measurements. The differing proportions ultimatly means recipies from the US never work for me. I am not sure if it is because the recipies themselves are bad (some are but most are not), or the measurements just do not translate.

  58. Sally Schmidt


    I will try this tonight. I have been making pizza since I was about 9 (seriously, my grandmother found a recipe in The Chicago Tribune and my aunt and I made it weekly) but have been looking for a good update for the dough portion of the recipe. This looks like it might be it. Thanks. And now I've found another great site!

  59. lorraine

    Tried this today, and it didn't work out for me. I made the dough in my Bosch mixer, and 5 cups flour was too much... The dough was quite hard. I also wonder if 1 tbsp salt is a misprint? It tasted quite salty...
    Sorry, but I'm still searching for that perfect pizza dough recipe!

  60. nicoel

    What type of flour ?

    1. Chef in Training

      I use all purpose

    2. Jon


      I just made this for my family. Turned out super good. I changed it a little though. I added a tablespoon of sugar to the water and yeast. I also used half whole wheat and half white flour, I also used quick rise yeast. I rolled the balls in some corn meal before putting them in the pans for a little added crunch. I also didnt have olive oil so used veggie oil instead. Nice and crispy and light. I will modify it a little more for my own taste, but a very good base recipe. Thanks!

  61. Karen

    Just made the dough last night. It is fantastic! My first attempt at homemade pizza was a success. Thank you for sharing!

  62. Elizabeth


    So glad I found this, I have never made pizza dough before but didn't feel like running to the store to buy refrigerated dough. It was super easy to make and smells great! Can't wait to eat it!

    1. Elizabeth


      I made a double batch last weekend and froze half of it, it thawed and cooked perfectly!

    2. amy blakesley


  63. Angel

    It says you split into two pans but how big are those pans? I usually just make a big pizza with my large cookie sheet. Would this recipe be enough dough?

  64. amy blakesley

    Made this dough. I actually use a hand blender to mix the flour with the yeast water and the rest is all by hand. I do find making caliber that the dough gets hard on the outside. Do you recommend anything to keep it softer and crispy? Thank you

  65. Jacki


    I super loved the texture of this dough! It bakes up nice and fluffy. I thought it tasted a bit on the bitter side, though, so I did add about 1 1/2 tbsp. of sugar to my recipe. I also used Crisco on the pan and put 2 tbsp. of oil straight into the dough mixture.

  66. Janette

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. Making homemade pizza dough is on the top of my lists of things to cook! Definitely going to try this!

  67. Rebecca Carr


    I love the reciepes that i have seen so far and was wondering if you have one for home made bread. My mom used to make bread all the time but never wrote down the recipe she did it all by memory.She tried to write it down for me but she never measured anything. It was a pinch of this a dash of that. Thanks.

  68. Debbie Henz

    Really enjoy your site. How do you make the cinnamon sticks with the pizza dough?
    We plan on making pizza tomorrow.

  69. Laurie

    When you say mix with a kichenaid do you mean a food processor? Or a kitchen aid mixer with a dough hook?

  70. Nadine W

    Great! I wrapped the second dough ball up and popped it into the freezer. It tasted just as good!

  71. Destiny Faulconer

    What size pizza(s) does this recipe make?

  72. randy

    Ill have to see how this dough fares at 550 - better for great cheese

  73. Diane

    I would love to make this but, I don't have any of those mixers. Can you use something else or even your hands?

    1. Chef in Training

      you can totally knead by hand. No problem at all :)

  74. irma wollf


    I used this recipe this past weekend to make pizza for my niece and nephews. We split the dough into five pieces and everyone made their own pizza. And we had enough left over to make a dessert pizza. We made it with a Nutella stuffed crust :)
    The pizza dough was amazing! Loved the recipe and all of us enjoyed how soft and fluffy it was and didn't get soggy with the toppings on top!
    Thank you for the recipe! It's a keeper.

  75. Madison


    I just tried this tonight, and it was so good! It was so simple and easy, and my husband loved it! I am going to try and make a stuffed crust next time.

  76. P.W.

    Would love to make my own crust. But in your instructions you say to use a Kitchen Aid or dough hook , I do not own either one. Just have a regular hand held. Will that be enough to mix the ingredients correctly ? Thank you !

    1. Chef in Training

      I wouldn't recommend a hand mixer, but you can totally need the dough by hand :)

    2. Lyndze

      You can start any bread with a hand mixer, just use less flour to start and mix until you see the change in texture. Then stir in the remaining flour a little at a time. If you use all the flour she adds to a kitchen aid it will be too hard on your mixer.

  77. Cathi

    This is the same recipe I've been using since probably before you were born! It is foolproof. However, lately I've been jazzing it up a bit by adding about 3/4 - 1 tsp of dried oregano and about 1 Tbsp of grated Parmesan cheese to the mix. Just gives the crust another layer of taste. But the original is great, for sure.

  78. Lauara McIntyre

    Do you think I would be able to use Gluiten Free flour

  79. Sue


    This is the best pizza dough recipe I've ever used. I'd never made any that didn't call for sugar & oil, I didn't know what to expect & it's now my go-to recipe for pizza dough. I made stromboli with it also, it was very good. Thank for sharing the recipe.

  80. Lucy

    Can I stick the dough in the fridge after it rises to use later for tonight? Or can I just leave it covered on the counter top for 3-4 hours? Will it go bad? I've never made my own pizza dough before.....

  81. Monica


    Is there any way to freeze this dough after you make it?? Will it stay fresh until later use?

  82. Steph


    I was almost skeptical of how this would taste because it is so simple, but it is amazing. By far, my favorite pizza dough recipe I've tried! I'm sure I annoyed my husband the first time I made it because I kept going on at how good it was!

  83. Mikki

    Can this recipe be used for making Pizza on a grill or campfire?

  84. Toni Govea

    Loved it!! Today my four year old daughter and I made it for dinner. We had fun and of course it taste awesome.

  85. Pam Cabana

    Do you have any recipes that are good for diabetic options? I would love to make a pizza that is low carb.

  86. Gail Lombardo

    Love home made Italian food.

  87. Samreen Ali

    No sugar????

  88. Susan Self

    thanks for the help. I am on a limited diet and craved craved pizza. It was fun to make and was well worth it.

  89. susan liscano

    This recipe has the same ingredients that I use to make back from the late 80's. Unfortunately, I lost the recipe.
    This a great recipe, and I will try this! Thanks for sharing!

  90. Norah

    I wold rather have a recipe for a single pizza - unless half the dough can be frozen for another occasion. Besides, how many inches diameter will each pizza be? 5 cups flour plus more for sprinkling on the table - which becomes absobed or taken up as well, means at least 600 grs of flour. Too much. ....

  91. Lori

    This really is the best pizza dough! Thank you

  92. Bonnie


    This is amazing! I made ham and cheese rolls with this dough and they came out amazing! Husband approved! Im sending them with the kids to school tomorrow hopefully they will like them too. Thanks dor this post!

  93. Priyanshi

    Hey so I have a few queries.
    First about the oiling part. Baking sheet as in baking paper right? And under the baking sheet means on the tray?
    Also, to roll the dough thin are we talking about here?? Please help!

    I've been wanting to make pizza dough since a really long time and I finally found a recipe worth trying! :)

  94. Valerie


    I swapped out whole wheat flour cup-for-cup with the AP flour and added 1T of Italian herbs. Turned out amazing! This dough freezes very very. I only needed half one night so froze the other half for later in the week. Excellent both times.

  95. Gerry Montgomery

    I have made this doygh numerous times, it's excellent and fool proof....Thank you !
    My one question......can i freeze it? I assume after it has sat and risen i can split it into the amounts i want and put it infreezer bags into the freezer?

  96. Nathalie Sultana

    My children just loved this pizza dough. It was delicious and I will continue using it for sure. Thank you Nikki and also for your other recipes which, I look forward, in trying.

  97. Deniece

    What kind of flour do you use?

    1. Chef in Training

      all purpose

  98. ShuGuy

    What size pan? Does it need to be cast iron or stone or just my junky old cookie sheet?

  99. Erin

    Any suggestions for using a pizza stone?

  100. Dusty N

    Does this recipe need to be adjusted for high altitude?

  101. sarah

    is there supposed to be sugar in the recipe to activate the yeast?

  102. Daryl Lynn


    Great recipe and very easy to make! I've never made a pizza dough without sugar but it wasn't at all noticeable. The only thing I did notice was that it was very salty. I will definitely use this recipe again only I will cut the salt by half.
    Thanks!! :-)

  103. Barry

    What sort of flour?

    1. Chef in Training

      I use all purpose

  104. Janet Adams


    Can this be made the day before, put in the fridge overnight and used the next day? BTW...I've made this and love how you get to make your pizza within an hour, really a good recipe. Thank you.

  105. maria in nj


    This makes the best dough!! I let mine rise a lot more because I had time too, and it stretched into the pans without any effort!! I make peperroni bread, and sausage, onion and pepper bread with it...its baking now, I will let you know the final outcome, but so far so good Brava girl!

  106. Aileen

    I made this today and it has to be the best pizza dough I have ever tasted. So long store bought.

  107. Cory

    This pizza dough is easy to make and tastes very good texture is perfect.our 20 month year old was looking at pizza on table the he decided to afttack the pizza lol eat ate mostly the crust not to much that is great when your kids love the food you make

  108. Mary


    Does this recipe yield 2 pizza's?


  109. Layeen

    I added Italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese to it. It was great!

  110. Samantha

    When we make pizza we put an excessive amount of toppings on and I find if I am using raw dough, it doesn't cook in the middle if I don't cook it first. If I were to cook it first, how long would you recommend??

  111. Sarah D


    Thanks for this recipe. I always pre-cook my pizza dough for about 8 mins then add toppings and chuck back in oven for 15 mins or so because I hate having a soggy bottom. I am wondering if this is necessary and guess other people probably don't do that?

  112. Patricia Fraide


    Sounds absolutely wonderful! I've been looking for a good pizza dough recipe and this could be the one. I do have one question; can you refrigerate or freeze the dough? Thank you!

  113. Melissa

    Would it hurt to make this dough a few days ahead of time and let it sit in the fridge? Looking to make it over the weekend and use it Monday or tuesday?

  114. Lisa Lorenz

    Great. Love my pizza...I do the same but I add some honey. Just curious why no sugar or honey?

  115. MJ

    What size baking sheet? There are many sizes, I really hate people not specifying size of pans needed for their recipes. :(

  116. Seetha BN



    Sorry about being ignorant, may sound like a silly question but i would like to try this so need to know...

    I don't have a kitchen aid or a dough hook with me, all i have with me is a simple blender. Can you tell me how many minutes of hand kneading is required to prepare the dough ?

    thanks very much

  117. Courteney

    Hi, what happens if I make this dough a few hours before I need to pan it for the pizza? Will it still rise when I roll and pan it?

  118. Kadie

    Why did you not add sugar?

  119. Janice Squibb


    This is a good recipe but I added about a half cup of flour. I used bread flour. I also let the dough rise a little in a oiled bowl before punching it down to put in the pan. It takes a little longer but the crust was better. I like a soft crust.

  120. Linda Pierce

    Is this quick rise yeast or regular yeast you used

    1. Chef in Training

      active dry yeast

  121. Michela


    I made the pizza dough yesterday (first time making dough) I turned out fantastic! A keeper for sure. Quick question can this sough be used for any other recipes? Like breads?

  122. Lisa

    This dough is NOT good! It's extremely bland due to the lack of time spent rising. The yeast doesn't have anytime to develop and throughly prove in the dough. The result is a crispy flat tasting dough. If you want a really good pizza dough take the time to let the dough rise and punch it down and rise again.

    1. Marian

      Wow tell us what you really think. OMG. If you don't like the recipe don't make it! Also all the sizes, types of flour and instruction for hand kneading are in the recipe if you will just read it! Lol. Also how to freeze and store! Yeast does not require sugar in order to proof either, she provided the explanation to that also and in my experience she was spot on with the answers to all guestions asked repeatedly! I would love more of your recipes please?

  123. Carmello Herrera "Mello"


    Via the coolest pizza recipe I have found. Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Carmello Herrera "Mello"


  124. Gem

    Can you freeze this dough?

  125. amanda

    Can you freeze the dough?

  126. plasterers bristol

    This turned out perfect for us, great tasting recipe. thanks.


  127. Helen Greene

    can i use any oil other than olive oil?

  128. Yvonne

    Could you please give the measurement in grams ?

  129. Jules

    Best Pizza Dough Ever!

  130. Ashley

    Can I use vegetable oil instead of olive oil?

  131. Jackie

    Can u freeze the other half?

  132. Jay


    This is a good soft, thick, puffy crust. I was expecting it to be more thin and crispy.

  133. Beth

    Can you freeze this dough?

  134. B.Markova

    This pizza crust is amazing. I have used it twice and it never fails. I have used both all-purpose and bread flour with great results. I bake in the lower portion of my oven (without pre-baking the crust as other commenters have suggested) and find that even with loads of toppings, it cooks all the way through and gets super crispy. Love this crust for a quick dinner.

  135. Peggy Wagner

    I roll individual pizzas, thin, and put them right on the grill, no oil or pan on the grill. I do put olive oil on my rolling sheet. Flip them once and you get nice flat bread (it does not stick). I do this ahead of time and usually freeze some. Then just add your toppings and put them back on the grill just until the cheese melts. Thin, crispy crust and delicious!
    We like pesto and feta cheese on ours.

  136. Michelle


    This dough is so easy and delicious! It was a little salty so next time I may just reduce salt. We had enough for two large pizzas. We ended up using extra dough for cinnamon rolls and they were also delicious! I am trying the recipe again now using whole wheat flour. Thanks for the great recipe!

  137. Johanna

    This is the pizza dough I've been waiting for! I have tossed all other recipes, and I have been sharing this one left and right. Not only is it fool proof and perfect every time, it's also FAST! No waiting for hours for the dough to rise. It's perfect when I need a quick dinner, and the kids love it. We like our crust a big thicker, so I let it rise again for a few minutes after putting it on the pizza pan. This makes two huge pizzas for us. Sometimes I make one pizza and use the other half for cheesy breadsticks. Or I make a cinnamon dessert pizza with the other half of the dough. And I just figured out that it makes quick and amazing cinnamon rolls! And tastes just like the more time consuming ones. Just roll out the dough into a rectangle, spread with softened butter and a cinnamon-sugar mix, and then roll up and slice and bake just like any other cinnamon roll. I'm about to make another batch right now. Put a simple frosting on it after baking, yum! And they reheat beautifully in the microwave, makes them taste like fresh from the oven. Perfect dough indeed.

  138. Johanna


    Sorry, forgot to rate it.

  139. Loni


    It was too salty, I had to throw it al away. The recipe should have read 1 tsp salt not 1 tbsp.

    1. Nikki


      I agree, it was so salty it made me sick.

  140. Kelsey Smith

    Do you think you could make a calzone with this?

  141. Sabrina


    Want to try this as a quick different options to add to the slim pickens list that my three kiddos pick from to eat! I would have to mix the old fashioned way hand! Lol Think that would make a difference...? I'll give it a whirl anyways just to see.....mix with love, hope for the best right! Thanks!

  142. lianneadefuin


    hi, can a use vegetable oil instead of olive oil?thanks!

  143. Shirley L.

    I can't wait to make this. Every Sunday ( being an Italian woman) I make sauce and pasta. I always have a lot of sauce left, and I'm always looking for the perfect pizza dough recipe. This sounds wonderful. I'm ready to try it. Thank you so much,
    Shirley B.

  144. Gladys Ramakatsa

    I tried this and it was perfect. Thank you.

  145. Debbie

    Do you have a recipe for big soft cinnamon buns that don't dry out?

  146. Bima


    Nice !!!!! Best Pizza Recipe ..... I tried it and it was amazing ...nice

  147. Jenifer

    Can this dough be frozen?

  148. Annalise


    Hello, I'd like to ask if you use dry yeast or fresh yeast?

  149. debbie tine

    can I make this dough with whole wheat flour, or whole wheat pastry flour?

  150. angi

    is it suitable for cinnamon rolls ??

  151. Annie


    Great dough recipe. When I make pizza the top gets done before the crust on the bottom gets crispy. Any suggestions are appreciated. I use a conventional oven and put the cookie sheet on the middle rack. Thanks.

  152. Megan

    Can i freeze this dough

  153. Loretta

    What size of pans do you use with this?

  154. Gayathri

    Dear Nikki,

    Seven years ago when I came to the US, I learned about football and Super Bowl night. It was a tradition in my family to make pizza every Super Bowl night to enjoy the game. The first couple times I bought the dough and then one day it dawned on me I should try the dough. It's been 5 years I am looking for a pizza dough recipe as the ones I have tried so far were not very good. But with this one, I think you saved my life. It's so easy and was so tasty and the important part it only needs 20 mins resting time! I was like WOW! Yesterday I made two pizza's and both turned out to be delicious. It was a win situation and all the credit goes to you! Thank you for sharing this recipe. I bet you made lots of people's life easier


  155. Karie

    BEST pizza crust EVER!!!! I have been looking forever and finally found it!! super quick and easy!!

  156. meow

    I need your help BAD!! i tried making pizza dough with all purpose flour followed the right steps EVERY time my pizza dough "fluffs" and then "collapses" like literally the air leaks out of it! It returns to it's original size. The dough is sticky afterwards and does not rise when baked. I even proof the yeast before to make sure its active. I do not know what i am doing wrong?! too much yeast? too watery? flour too thin? i cant understand. My mom tells me to add baking soda but i think the YEAST should do its job! PLEASE HELP ME I HAVE FAILED TOO MANY TIMES!!

  157. Pamela Croad-Gagliardi

    I love this recipe! It is easy to make and turns out perfect everytime. This is my go-to recipe for pizza dough and breadsticks. I have pizza night with my family and friends once a month. I make the dough, everyone gets a ball and makes their own personal pizza. They are always impressed with how good their pizza tastes and it is all because of the crust. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  158. Marissa


    Terrific recipe. Great flavor & texture. I used 1 packet of active dry yeast in the water with a bit of honey but otherwise followed the recipe. Yielded enough for 2 large or 3 personal sized pizzas.

  159. Melissa

    Do you use rapid rise instant yeast or the regular yeast for this dough? I have both and am unsure which one to use ?

  160. Allison G

    Well.... it may be fool proof. But I forgot to add the salt!! ?? we'll see how it turns out when it's done!
    Having grumpy kids when you cook is not good for the mind ???

  161. Diana


    No doubt about it. This recipe IS foolproof--because I made it and it turned out delicious! No changes. Made it exactly the way you said. Thanks for a quick and easy pizza dough!

  162. Jessica

    Approx what size pizza does this recipe make?

  163. Genevieve M

    What kind of pan for baking? Do I need a pizza stone? Should we preheat the pan? Thanks!

  164. Joanne Scanlon

    Made this today, it was quick and easy, I have a very similar recipe that only calls for 2 teaspoons of salt. Will keep this one. Tender crust and I did not use the oil called for I used Pam spray

  165. Sheena

    I made this last week and it was very good... I am making it again today.. however I pre cooked the dough for 10 minutes then added my toppings to ensure the dough crust on bottom was perfect .. thank you for sharing

  166. Tim


    What were the sizes of the pans?

  167. KatieVR


    If there are any honebrewers on here, if you substitute about 1/3 cup of white flour with spent grain flour it has a magical result

  168. Sonya Grigorian


    Omg i love this pizza dough, I tried it and it worked like magic. The dough was cooked all the way when baked and it was nice and crispy ❤?

  169. Kristin


    Forgot to take a picture, but my kids said this was the best pizza dough ever! And that was from 4 teenage boys who have eaten a lot of pizza. It was super easy and I even rolled it out on the cookie sheets for one less step.

  170. Michaela


    Love this pizza dough! It's quick, easy, and delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  171. Sarah

    Thank you for this recipe! I will have to try this as I've been looking for a go to pizza dough for the family. Do you use a regular pizza pan or a stone?

  172. Brooke

    Can I mix this by hand? College student here with out a mixer.

    1. Chef in Training


  173. Dora Bruno


    This is an awesome recipe & the way you mix is so easy.
    I have a recipe similar that I've been doing for years , pretty similar.
    I was at my daughter 's home last July in Seattle & we decided to make pizza ... but I couldn't remember the recipe so I used yours & it came out delicious & not too time consuming & elaborate to prepare!!! Loved it!!!!

  174. Woo

    Amazing dough! First try and it was a success. Thank you for sharing your recipe

  175. Dawn

    Hello Chef!

    Is it possible to use sourdough starter instead of yeast please?

  176. Ralph

    I am trying it with semolina flour only. Let you know how it works out!

  177. Dottie

    I used your recipe butreduced the salt to about 1/2 tsp and it came out perfectly. Thank you for the recipe.

  178. Jesse

    Hi, what kind of flour did you use?

    1. Chef in Training

      I use all purpose flour

  179. Frances

    Does it have to be Olive Oil & what type of Yeast?? Don't know alot about Cooking lol!!!

  180. Tom


    Thanks for this recipe, have used it twice now, with great results!
    Thanks for publishing!

  181. Tinna


    We almost used this recipe because we were impatient because of another online recipe we used didn't seem to be working. Upon reading this recipe and going back to check on the dough from the initial recipe, we saw that it was rising! Will try this one next time. Thank you :p

  182. Mindy

    Can this be made ahead of time and frozen?

  183. Jane Reynolds


    I tried this recipe and it came out the best ever. Iam going to use it again and have told my girls about how easy it is and that it comes out great ..Thanks

  184. Peter

    This is a pretty standard pizza dough recipe. I usually use 500 grams of flour. Sometimes I will substitute 100 grams or so of white whole wheat or add a couple of table spoons of wheat bran and wheat germ. I add all dry ingredients to my 14 cup food processor. Turn the machine on and add oil and water slowly until it all comes together in a ball, no more than 60 seconds. Give a piece the window pane test and if it passes remove it to the counter and divide it into two equal balls. If I'm making a large pie (16" dia. or more) I don't divide it. When I divide It I often make one 12-13" pie and a small loaf of bread.

  185. Christina


    Loved the recipe and guidelines. However, there is way too much salt in the recipe. I think it should be made with one teaspoon of salt. I honestly only used half the amount of salt called for here and it was still too salty for my liking. On the other hand, this is a great recipe for anything actually with an adjustment of salt.

  186. Vinny


    Thanks for that awesome pizza Base recipe. Made a 4 cheese pizza for my 12 yr old son and he said it was the best ever. Better than any bought pizza

  187. Hawraa


    It was perfect!!! I added 1/2 Cup of water to the recipe. I covered the dough with 1 Tbs of olive oil and let the dough rest in a ball for 4-5 hours. Also, I baked it on oven stone under 500 F. It turned awesome and delicious!!! It is the best pizza dough recipe that I have ever tried! My family and I loved it! Thank you so much!!!

  188. Sandra Valiente


    Thank you for so delicious recipe.

  189. Mallory C


    Hi there,
    I made your pizza dough lastnight for dinner and it turned out beautifully. Seriously so easy, delicious and could be used for many other things than pizza. Can't wait to use it again!

  190. Lynn Humble


    Well, our Christmas tradition is homemade pizza on Christmas day. My son uses a recipe that needs to rise in a warm oven for an hour. I mixed up the ingredients from your recipe, covered the bowl and set it on a heat register (I actually forgot about it, so it sat longer than the 10-20 minutes). I pulled the dough from the bowl, looking no where near as beautiful as yours, placed it on the counter and divided it in half (cookie sheet). Ended dividing the other half in two for two pizzas in cast iron frying pans. I will NEVER buy a boxed pizza mix again! BEST DOUGH/PIZZA EVER !!! I would have posted a picture, but the pizza didn't last that long. Thank you SO much-it was Delicious !!!

  191. Jacqueline

    I made this recipe last weekend when the store was out of pre-baked pizza bases. I am a pizza dough virgin and have to agree that this is a very simple and foolproof recipe. Thanks for sharing. For convenience I wanted to make and freeze a batch of these. Is this possible? If so, would you shape to fit the tin and freeze raw or do they need to be baked blind first.

  192. Marie

    First time making pizza,it was fabulous!thanks for sharing.??

  193. Sandie


    Perfect every time. So easy to make. I sometimes have to make it ahead of time. I pop it covered in the fridge and pull out 15 minutes before rolling out.

  194. joevan bandeh

    1 did everything as recipe but pizza after oven become so hard and wasn't eatable .

  195. Toutons: An Introduction – The Brunch Babes Club

    […] and pizza can be found in the same weekend (or even the same day…). I keep going back to this delicious dough recipe, and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. We normally just split the dough in half, put one half in […]

  196. Debbie

    My kids complained that the pizza crust was too salty. Next time I’m going to cut way down in the salt.

  197. Cathy

    I’ve never made pizza dough before. I don’t have a kitchen aid mixer. Could I use a large spatula instead? Thanks!

    1. Chef in Training

      You can totally mix by hand! I have done it several times with no problem at all :)

  198. Linda

    Doesn’t say if it’s fast acting/instant yeast or not so I got instant and hope it’s correct

    1. Chef in Training

      I use active dry yeast. Let me know how it turned out with instant- i'd love to know!

  199. Jacqueline

    I’ve made this quite a few times now and it’s consistently good. I use a wholemeal flour which gives a great flavour. I like my crust super thin so I find this recipe will make three crusts. I have frozen it, but find the thawed dough doesn’t crisp as well as fresh dough. I’ve also experimented with part baking before topping to prevent any sogginess, with mixed results. The first time it was really good and last time it went a bit chewy. I’m going to make it again tonight, in honour of national pizza day and will cook fresh without part baking before topping. Hoping for a good one! Thanks for the recipe.

  200. maria in nj


    This is my second time using your wonderful recipe! I made it this time with half 00 Italian flour! I can't wait to see if there is any difference! Great recipe!

  201. Taylor

    This was my first time ever making pizza dough and it turned out PERFECT. I’m new to the baking game and was super intimidated to try dough and this recipe was so easy, fool proof. I have no desire to try any other recipe- THANK YOU!

  202. katie

    my package says to only mix yiest with 1/4 cup water not 2 cups? it is 1 tablespoon in a package. help?

  203. Heather Hughes


    Super easy and quick! Turned out perfect. Thank you for the share :)

  204. Abigail

    Just wanted to say thank you for the great recipe! I am not a whiz in the kitchen and won't spend hours to prep a meal either. This was fast, efficient and tasted good. I only had half regular flour and used half rice flour & still turned out delicious!

  205. Kaylee

    About how many pounds does this recipe make? I need 2...

  206. Sh

    Do you use instant yeast or traditional?

    1. Chef in Training

      I use active dry yeast :)

  207. Nur Sliman

    I finally tried this recipe, it was truly perfect. Thank you very much!

  208. Anna Ryan

    Well, the recipe was super simple and easy. It looks and feels like pizza dough. And if the comments are true to form then it’ll taste good as well.

  209. Anna Nguyen

    I don't have a Kitchen Aid or a bread hook. Could I mix it with a wooden spoon or something?

    1. Chef in Training

      You can totally mix by hand! I have done it both with a stand mixer and by hand with no problems :)

  210. Melanie Berg

    Best ever! Will never buy store baught pizza again.

  211. Vanessa bowman

    I bought instant yeast. Is there a difference?

  212. Jess

    I like to add a tablespoon of honey to this dough and it literally perfection! Thank you so much ?

  213. Breanne

    Is this all purpose or self rising flour? I’ve never made dough before but I want to start after reading the ingredients on the back of pre packaged dough.

    1. Chef in Training

      all purpose :)

  214. Kristi

    Does this make just enough for one large pizza or more?

  215. Jean Breslin

    I made this pizza as a white pizza and my grandchildren loved it! Then my daughter was having a ton of people over and had me make it again . I made 3 recipes of it. Evevone loved it. It is an easy recipe to follow and does not take a lot of time to make. Thanks

  216. Jacy

    How many pounds of dough is this?

  217. Elodia

    Silly question I know but I’m no good a cooking. Am I supposed to use active dry yeast or rapid rise yeast? I got both just in case?

  218. Christine

    It came out perfect

  219. Sharon

    This pizza dough is perfection! I have been making dough for many years and was looking for a new variation to try, this is now my go to pizza dough. Easy to make and so soft. We grill pizza a lot and this works perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

  220. Lisa

    If making ahead, or freezing at which step do I stop? Before it rests or after?

  221. LINDEE

    Does it matter if you leave it to rise for a few hours?

  222. Christine Black


    Thank you! This recipe saved dinner last night! It was easy, and quick, rolled out easy, and tasted awesome!

  223. Julie

    I see people say it calls for sugar? I dont see that anywhere in the Recipe. Or the instructions. I made it to a T... and its excellent my husband really likes ! Thank you for the recipe:)

    1. Chef in Training

      this recipe doesn't call for sugar :) I am so glad it turned out!

  224. Amanda

    how thin should I roll the dough out?

  225. Shannon Halase

    Self rising flour I assume? Or all purpose?

  226. Sarah


    I’ve made this a few times before and it always comes out perfect but I messed it up last time! ? I think my yeast wasn’t proving because it was either old or the temperature wasn’t right in the water (too cold?). I’m making it again tonight so hopefully I won’t mess it up again lol!

  227. Sana

    How many pizzas does this recipe make? It says split in half, does that mean it only makes 2 pies? The previous recipe I've tried I used 4 cups of flour and it makes 3 medium pies. Thanks in advance

  228. Amanda


    We found this recipe after many failed attempts to get pizza dough at our local grocery stores - they were always out! We made it and have never ever gone back. It is so yummy and makes the perfect amount of pizza. We make it on the grill!

    Thank you!

  229. Mariana

    Thank you so much for you recipe! I used it yesterday for a "pizza party" and everybody loved it! :)

  230. Maryam

    I made this today but the dough was tearing. What am I doing wrong?

  231. Dolorese

    Can I use this pizza dough for a deep dish pizza?

  232. Sophie

    Hi, this sounds like ALOT of flour. How many pizzas does it make?

  233. Dina Torres

    How many crusts does this make? 1 or 2?

  234. Amanda

    When do you add the sugar?

  235. Ann Vandergriff


    Made this tonight and it turned out great! Was shocked how easy and quick it was!

  236. Susan Ashwell

    We made this tonight, and it was fantastic. The crust was crispy and held up to the toppings, hut wasn't dense. We even pulled some aside and made bread sticks! Thank you such an easy and quick recipe!

  237. Monica Dawson

    About how many pizzas would this make? Doing new years eve mini pizzas for 6 adults and 6 kids at minimum. Trying to decide if I should double.

  238. Greg

    Dough feels super hard I don't think it's going to soften up at all. Also you don't State how long to leave it in the KitchenAid mixer.

  239. Brasserie de Caou


    This was amazing! My husband loved it. Thank you :D

  240. Laurie

    When do you add salt!!

  241. Raven

    Any idea what the nutritional info is on this?

  242. Robin

    This recipe was posted a while ago, but I have only been using it for a month or so. It is perfect as written! No sugar needed, the dough will rise as desired. I use a Pampered Chef rectangular pizza stone, and this makes enough for two crusts. I use one and freeze the other half in a plastic bag. Thaw in refrigerator or on counter, depending on how much time you have. Thanks for my new go-to pizza dough recipe! We top with sauce, a sprinkle of oregano, parmesan, spinach, peppers, onions and tomatoes. Bake 16 minutes @ 400, sprinkle with mozzarella and bake 4 more minutes. Delicious!

  243. BK

    Hello! I will make the attempt to make this dough. Is it elastic to where I can Ross it up and stretch it as most chefs do?

    Thank you,


  244. Tia

    Just wanted to make sure that it is 1 Tablespoon of salt for the 5 cups of flour.Just a side note ,I am familar with active dry yeast,just wanted to know if the packets of yeast have the same in them,as I live in canada ,would the dry yeast packets have the same amount in them?

  245. Janey Stark

    I’ve always struggled with pizza dough for some reason. This recipe was perfect! My daughter is a pizza snob and she LOVED this dough! I made one pepperoni pizza and one garlic cheesey bread. Yum! Thanks for the recipe!

  246. Kay


    After looking a long time for quick and easy homemade pizza dough recipes, I decided to try this one. I made it tonight for dinner and it was simple, quick and delicious!! We like a crispier crust so I baked the crust it for 7 minutes before adding ingredients then followed the regular baking time. I made two pizzas out of this recipe. I was even able to shape one pizza crust into a heart for an early Valentine’s pizza. ❤️ Great recipe, thank you for sharing!

  247. Heather

    Love this recipe. I make it and divide it in to three pieces. I use one fresh and freeze the other two so always have a dough base on hand.

  248. April

    What kind of yeast?

    1. Chef in Training

      I use active dry yeast

  249. Mark Boyd

    I think a video would help. I made this exactly the way I thought I was supposed to but the crust didnt cook through except at the edges and I have no idea why.

  250. Tamara

    Your easy pizza dough, sounds good. Thanks for sharing it.

  251. Lacey Olsen

    So good. I added some garlic powder and oregano too. It was really hard for me to roll out so it was very thick. Do you think less flour would help?

  252. Lacey Olsen

    I left it in the fridge for a few hours until I needed it and it rose again. Do you think that could have caused it to be thick?

  253. Lacy


    Love this recipe! We've made it many times. The kids enjoy making personal pizzas with it.

  254. Lori


    This is THE crust for our family. I went through a few different recipes and landed on this winner. The only change I did was use bread flour instead of AP flour. I make a double batch and divide into 4 balls and freeze them. They defrost and bake up beautifully. I bake it at 400 for 18 minutes, transfer it to a cutting board and run my cutter through and hear the sound of a perfect crispy bottom. It has the best chewiness and texture. Thanks for the recipe!

  255. Liv


    Hi Nikki ? do you have this recipe in metric version. Thanks a lot ☺️

  256. Yakira

    would you be able to tell me how to make this in high altitude? i live in Denver and would love to be enjoy this recipe too!

    1. Chef in Training

      I live in high altitude and this recipe works great for me as is :)

  257. Bonnie


    Guaranteed the Best Pizza Dough Ever!! Makes two pizzas and i freeze the dough ........ Excellent every time!!

  258. Ashley


    Is it 1 tablespoon of salt or 1 teaspoon of salt?

    1. Chef in Training

      tablespoon :)

  259. Kelsey


    I have made this twice and it has not failed. Love it!

  260. Denzel

    How much grams is the ingredients oiled you tell me

  261. Julie

    Can you cut the recipe in half?

  262. Bonnie


    This is 100% the best Pizza Dough ever!! I just use 2 Bowls and a wooden spoon to mix it.... No MixMaster needed.

    1. Bonnie


      100%. The Best Pizza Dough Ever!!!! Don’t even need a mixmaster!! I use 2 bowls and a wooden spoon to mix it. I’d give this 100% 5 stars

  263. AP


    I didn’t like this. Worse than store bought dough. Smells yeast

  264. Kelsey


    This is the best pizza crust. It’s the one I go to when I want to make homemade pizza. And it’s so simple to make. Thank you!

  265. Rosemary


    Great recipe! Very quick, easy and delicious!!!

  266. Jennifer


    Great recipe, but a little bland. I added 2 tbsp of granulated sugar with the salt and it tasted just like the dough from our favorite local pizzaria!

  267. Elicia

    This is my go-to pizza dough recipe! Perfect every time!

  268. Nena


    Did anyone else have issues with the crust not browning? I baked it a little hotter (425degrees) but it just would not brown! I love the crispness of the crust! Just not a fan of white crust! ?
    I halved the recipe and still got two good medium-sized crusts. I used one and par-baked the other for ten minutes before cooling and freezing.

  269. Olivier


    Just wanna say, I never left a comment before, but this has been my go to recipe for pizza dough for quite some years now, and I just keep being complimented for it, so figured I should say thank you!!!!

  270. Zarmeen Obaid


    I was looking for a perfect dough recipe snd i came across this.My pizza turned out delicious.

  271. Liz


    Just wanted to say thanks. Life has been really rough lately and this made my husband happy, which made me happy. Thanks for the happiness.

  272. Beryl


    I made this pizza dough tonight. Absolutely fantastic crust . Exactly what we have been looking for .

    Thank you for sharing

  273. Kelly


    We make pizza using this recipe every single week. It’s amazing! Thank you!

  274. Toni Williams


    The quest for the best homemade Pizza crust is finally over!!! This is it. The dough was enough for 1 large pizza stone pizza and then I used a medium sized cookie sheet and made a white pizza. I had another ball of dough I froze to be used at another time. Love this recipe! Thank you for sharing!

  275. Lyn T.


    Do you use regular yeast or fast rising??

    1. Chef in Training

      active dry yeast

  276. Pamela


    A delicious and smooth crust!

  277. jass

    way too much flour, way too hot cooking time :( pizza dry and burnt

  278. Ptmom8

    The recipe looks great but we can’t print it to make it! The ads cover the ingredients and there’s no way to make them go away. Sigh.

    1. Chef in Training

      Sorry about that. I've slowly been updating my recipe card format. This one should be all good now and you should have no trouble printing or seeing the recipe.

  279. Martin


    This recipe makes excellent pizza bases, I use it all the time & I get three 14 inch pizzas from each mix. It also freezes well once portioned so I've always got some ready to go. I also substitute the plain salt with garlice salt for extra flavour. I can't reccomend it highly enough to anyone making homemade pizza.

  280. Kathy


    I have made this recipe twice and my family loves it. The only problem is that it comes out very sticky, can you use less water or use more flour?

  281. Darlene


    LOVE this dough, made it several time and never disappoints!

  282. Sue


    I love the recipes here!

  283. Toni


    This recipe is great. The dough comes out perfectly every time! Thanks for sharing.

The Perfect Pizza Dough Recipe - Chef in Training (2024)


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