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Vanderpump Rules | Bravo TV Official Site (1)

Vanderpump Rules

Streaming Next Day on Peaco*ck.With resentments, forgiveness and shifting alliances, they attempt to navigate the lines drawn in the sand while rebuilding friendships, developing their businesses and healing from past relationships.

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Editors' Picks

  • 1:01 After Show Scheana on Jax: "He May Be a Good Dad, but Is He a Good Husband?"
  • The Daily Dish Katie and Schwartz Tear Up in Unseen Reunion Moment
  • The Daily Dish Ariana Justifies Not “Coming In Guns Blazing” at Reunion
  • Digital Exclusive Tour James and Ally's Bright New Home
  • 5:09 Digital Original Ariana Puts a Vanderpump Rules Producer in the "Hot Seat"
  • 2:49 Digital Exclusive See Every Fabulous Detail of Katie's Disco-Themed Apartment

Latest Episodes

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  • 42:54 S11 - E18Reunion Part 3
  • 42:54 S11 - E17Reunion Part 2
  • 42:54 S11 - E16Reunion Part 1
  • 42:54 S11 - E15Plot Twist
  • 42:54 S11 - E14For Old Tom’s Sake
  • 42:54 S11 - E13Jax Attack
  • 42:54 S11 - E12How’d You Like Them Apples?
  • 42:54 S11 - E11May the Best Woman Win
  • 42:54 S11 - E10Line in the Sand
  • 54:25 S11 - E9Kiss Kiss, Revenge Bang
  • 42:54 S11 - E8Peaks and Valleys
  • 42:54 S11 - E7Written in the Stars

Vanderpump Rules After Show

More Vanderpump Rules After Show

  • 2:32 S11 - Sneak PeekYour First Look at the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 After Show
  • 1:02 S11 - E1 | Part 1Tom Sandoval Calls Ariana Madix's Anger "Performative"
  • 3:39 S11 - E1 | Part 2Tom Schwartz Reacts to Ariana Madix's "Choke on Sandoval's Dirty Ass Dick" Text
  • 3:08 S11 - E1 | Part 3Tom Sandoval on Living With Ariana Madix: "She Felt Safe"
  • 3:07 S11 - E1 | Part 4Ariana Madix Explains A "Cringey" Gift Tom Sandoval Sent While He Was "In Love"
  • 4:00 S11 - E1 | Part 5Lala Kent Talks Through Her Decision To Seek Closure From Season 10
  • 3:53 S11 - E1 | Part 6Tom Sandoval Admits The Real Reason He Blocked Summer Moon
  • 3:35 S11 - E1 | Part 7Katie Maloney Reveals What Tom Schwartz's New Apartment Made Her Realize
  • 0:52 S11 - E2 | Part 1Ariana Madix Explains Not Paying Tom Sandoval for Shared Bills
  • 3:16 S11 - E2 | Part 2James Kennedy Breaks Down Tom Sandoval's "Ultimate Betrayal"
  • 2:57 S11 - E2 | Part 3Ariana Madix Says Tom Sandoval "Won't Get S—t" Until He Shows Specific Bills
  • 4:23 S11 - E2 | Part 4Lala Kent Sides With Tom Sandoval on Throwing a Birthday Party in Shared Home

Latest News

More News

  • Ariana Madix Promises to be "Involved" and "A Little Shady" As Love Island USA Host

    Discover how Love Island USA host Ariana Madix plans to add spice and drama to Season 6.

  • Does Ann Still Work at Something About Her? What We Know After Her Reunion Appearance

    Get an update on Ann Maddox's career following her appearance on the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 reunion.

  • Lala Kent’s Pregnancy Has Her on “Cloud 59” Post-Season 11: “Going to Be Peaceful” Lala Kent’s Pregnancy Has Her on “Cloud 59” Post-Season 11

    Now that Vanderpump Rules Season 11 has come to an end, get the latest on Lala Kent's pregnancy.

  • Ariana Madix Justifies Not “Coming In Guns Blazing” at Reunion: “The Thing Is...” Ariana Justifies "Not Coming in Guns Blazing" at Reunion

    The Vanderpump Rules cast member revealed why watching all of Season 11 beforehand wouldn't have "changed" anything.

Latest Videos

More Videos

  • 1:32 PreviewLala Kent on Her Finale Rant: "I Stand by What I Said"
  • 7:00 PreviewLala Kent Reveals That "Kentucky Muffin" Brittany Cartwright Confronted Her Mom: "My Mom Would Have Slapped This Ho"
  • 1:06 PreviewAriana Madix Responds to Brock Davies' Comment That Tom Sandoval Is a Better Friend to Scheana Shay Than She Is
  • 1:15 PreviewWould Ally Lewber Say "Yes" If James Kennedy Proposed?
  • 7:01 PreviewWhere Does Lala Kent and Katie Maloney's Friendship Go from Here? "She Is Treating Me Like I'm the Enemy"
  • 2:03 PreviewKatie Maloney Comes to Jo Wenberg's Defense: "[Tom Schwartz] Was Displaying F*ckboy Behavior"
  • 1:48 PreviewJames Kennedy Reacts to Ariana Madix's New Relationship Being Accepted More Quickly Than His
  • 3:12 Digital OriginalLala Kent Goes Off About Ariana Madix: "I've Been Biting My Tongue"
  • 2:49 Digital OriginalThe Vanderpump Rules Cast Gears Up for the Season 11 Reunion
  • 1:29 PreviewDoes Tom Schwartz Feel Any Joy in Seeing Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix Struggle to Open Their Restaurant?
  • 7:06 PreviewTom Sandoval Calls a Former Castmate a "F*cking Coward"
  • 1:57 PreviewAriana Madix Doesn't Understand Why Scheana Shay "Thinks She Knows [Sandoval] Better Than I Do"


  • Lisa Vanderpump
  • Ariana Madix
  • James Kennedy
  • Katie Maloney
  • Lala Kent
  • Scheana Shay
  • Tom Schwartz
  • Tom Sandoval
  • Brock Davies
  • Ally Lewber

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About Vanderpump Rules

Emmy Award-nominated “Vanderpump Rules” returns as the former SURvers attempt to pick up the pieces following a scandal that jolted the tight-knit friend group. With resentments, forgiveness and shifting alliances, they attempt to navigate the lines drawn in the sand while rebuilding friendships, developing their businesses and healing from past relationships. Season 11 premieres Tuesday, Jan. 30 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo and will be available to stream the next day on Peaco*ck.

Vanderpump Rules | Bravo TV Official Site (2024)


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